Meet The Cake Girls.

The cake girls, Megan Howard and Jennifer Moore, have over 17 years combined experience working with cake and brides. Their passion for creating beautiful and unique cake designs paired with their excitement to provide you with a delicious and decadent cake has been the driving force in their business together. While working together at a small mom and pop cake shop on the beach in Florida, Megan and Jen decided they could make it on their own. In 2018 Jen finally joined Megan in Colorado, making Denver her new home and from there The CAKE Company began.

Megan Howard

Megan grew up just east of Denver in the Centennial area. After high school she decided to take a year off before attending college and started working at a local bakery. From there she found her love for creating cake. Not only is it fun and brings joy to people but every cake is also a challenge and puzzle needing solving. Megan is meticulous and enjoys taking the time to make every cake she creates as beautiful as you envision it to be.

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer grew up in Panama City, Florida. Always having a passion for the culinary arts she tried her hand in cake decorating and fell in love. Cake soon became a passion for Jennifer. While working with Megan at a bakery in Florida, she decided to make the move to Denver so they could pursue cake full time together. Jennifer loves being able to create something unique for any occasion. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to do something she loves while also creating beautiful and lasting memories for clients with her cake.

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